Thursday, 11 August, 2022

By Muduku Derrick Brian

Midwives under their umbrella body, the Uganda Private Midwives Association (UPMA) have been trained with extra skills to support mothers during birth and labour. The training occurred during the Monthly General Meeting at the UPMA Secretariat Offices in Mengo. The event occurred on Wednesday, 10th August, 2022.

The midwives have been taught on dynamic birthing positions which mothers can use during birth and they include kneeling, squatting, side position, standing, on fours, chest knee and birth chain. Support during labour included mechanisms like the calming expression, emotional support, gentle strokes, massage, hip squeeze, calm breathing, raboza and lumpel. Perineal support was also emphasized to the midwives.

Babirye Margaret, a registered midwife from Naguru Hospital conducted the training. She said that the midwives need to know how to deal with mothers in the labor ward.” Midwives have to listen to these mothers and create a conducive environment for them to give birth,”.

Babirye says that the aim of the training is to ensure that the quality of care of mothers is improved which is in line with a research being conducted on Quality improvement in the labour ward by Karolinka Institute alongside Makerere University.

Sarah Namyalo, the President of UPMA says that the midwives will benefit from the skills they have been taught.” Most of the midwives have been used to the dorsal position while aiding mothers to give birth. Now, they are equipped with even more positions that will help them in their work,” she said.

Namyalo  says that the training aimed at of improving quality care in the labour ward directly resonates with the stand of UPMA as an institution and that is why she lobbied for it.

Nakyagulanyi Edith, a midwife from Apostles Clinic Kisaasi says that the training has increased her knowledge on birthing positions.

“Personally, I used to fear using the kneeling position thinking that the baby can just drop out and die but today, I have realized how effective it can be,” she said.

Nakyagulanyi says that she is grateful to UPMA for organizing the training since it has improved there skills as midwives.

During the Monthly General Meeting, the midwives discussed about their operations within the association and under the Post Partum family Planning Project ( PPFP).

PPFP is a project run by Population Services International ( PSI) in collaboration with UPMA with an aim of reducing maternal mortality through improving PPFP uptake and improving capacity of health service providers on PPFP delivery.

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